Website presents capital equipment

epr devised and developed this website with Alpha Lehigh as part of a launch introducing the company’s hydraulic metal compacting press rebuilding service. The website serves as the foundation of an integrated marketing campaign comprising the design and development of the company’s identity strategy including logo, tagline and corporate colors as well as a companion brochure, advertising, trade show display, plus location and studio photography. The site presents the case for rebuilding aging powder metal compacting presses and adding Alpha Lehigh’s modern control technology rather than investing in all-new machinery with careful attention paid to keyword research and SEO copywriting. The site was designed for flexibility to permit expansion, which proved fruitful for shortly after the site’s launch, the company launched its own line of new hydraulic compacting presses. epr worked closely with the company to develop the series of illustrations representing each model in the line of machinery since the presses had not yet been manufactured.