Mobile-responsive website redesign boosts search rankings

For process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co., epr redesigned the company’s Website on a modern platform to support a mobile-responsive design, promote higher organic search rankings and showcase its machinery with a fresh, clean, updated presentation. Though this site replaced an award-winning Website design that had operated smoothly and effectively for 10 years, the new Website quickly rose the ranks in Google search results for a number of critical keywords and phrases and began capturing more and more clicks and converting them to sales leads.

The new site takes advantage of the epr content marketing program. By developing a constant flow of articles and news releases, the Website may be constantly updated with fresh content that is relevant to the target audience’s searches. When used as landing pages, this relevant content supports high ad ranks in the Google AdWords PPC advertising program for more clicks at reduced costs. This content marketing program also constantly secures new links back to the Web site from relevant, credible, industry Web sites. This approach also contributes to the high organic search rankings.

See the new site here. See the previous Web site here