E-Commerce Website helps shatter sales goals

This Website redesign for pump and process equipment distributor Reliable Equipment Sales demonstrates how to design an e-commerce Website for selling industrial equipment online. A key to the company’s growth and expansion, this new Website allowed the regional, family-owned company to implement its plans for national expansion and attract new business from companies that were previously out of reach. In year one, the company shattered sales goals as the Website converted orders online and sparked phone calls and emails that the stellar sales team converted at an uncommonly high rate.

As a company selling high quality process equipment for thousands of dollars and up targeting prospects who’d never heard of Reliable until brought to the site by a Web search, the Website needed to quickly instill confidence and establish credibility as a reputable pump supplier. The site design positions owner Elise Vaughn as an authority in pump sizing, selection and repair in a series of educational YouTube videos accessed throughout the site. Photos taken at industry trade shows and on-site at customer facilities along with glowing testimonial quotes provide further documentation of Ms. Vaughn’s considerable expertise.

Website Design as Google AdWords, SEO Companion

In Google AdWords advertising, the near-zero bounce rate suggests the home page effectively instills confidence. That orders upon orders are taken from customers who’d never heard of Reliable until clicking on the pay-per-click ad or on the high, organic search ranking provides further documentation of the effective Website design, layout and SEO copywriting.

To date, the site has earned page one rankings for key pump and pump part search terms and frequently captures clicks when specific model numbers are searched.

To capture prospects in the research phase and stay in touch with prospects and customers over the long term, the Website integrates a free email marketing campaign. The email newsletter offers original, educational content including first looks at the company’s latest videos and consistently drives Website traffic and supports sales.

See the live site here.

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