E-commerce website drives high margin sales

epr devised, developed and manages this e-commerce website for BackyardPoolProducts.com as the foundation for the launch of this online retailer of pool/spa and backyard products. For a new company with no name brand recognition at the time, this Web site features a series of elements that establish credibility as a reputable company while minimizing the perception of risk in buying from the company. For example, the company emphatically states customer names are never to be rented or sold at any time, that its products come with a warranty and that they may be returned. The names of recognizable name brands such as Hobie and Pool Shot are included wherever appropriate while clever categorizing masks the limited number of products offered to appear as a larger etailer. The custom shopping cart offers clarity and ease and shows the product photos at each step of the purchase process. Pricing and other changes are made quickly and easily. Content appeals to both customers and search engines to ensure the site and its individual products earn high organic search rankings. The site was also designed with flexibility to permit additions, changes and expansions without requiring a major Website redesign