Video Marketing

epr writes, films, promotes videos that drive sales.

epr video production and marketing develops online videos, corporate videos, infomercials, animations, trade show video loops, how-to videos, explainers and other video advertising that generates a fast, emotional connection with the target audience to get response and help people make the right buying decision.

  • Videos that engage your customers and prospects increase the time people spend with your Web site, LinkedIn page and with other social media channels.
  • Videos become searchable content that appear in relevant search queries and are often shown with a thumbnail image on Google that increases the click rate.
  • Videos create opportunities to secure more of the backlinks to your Web site that determine your site’s organic search rankings.
  • Videos may be embedded in the digital editions of magazines to automatically play when the page is turned.
  • Videos allow development of your YouTube channel for list building

epr also offers video SEO optimization services focusing on developing effective titles and descriptions, eye-catching thumbnails and more to help videos rank higher in search results. With so much time, effort and money invested in scripting, shooting and editing videos, it’s critical that prospects and customers can find the video in a relevant search.

For these videos below for, epr recommended using video to convey the impressive design engineering, premium product quality and sheer family fun in an action-oriented medium that transcends images and words. epr developed the concept, wrote the script and video screenplay, hired and directed the production company and voiceover talent, secured the location, hired the models and secured signed release forms for all, then used the videos to secure high organic search rankings for critical keywords and phrases. The videos helped the e-commerce Website convert dozens of high value sales.

Super Water Vollyball

Rock the House Basketball