Top of the Page SEO

epr offers the only SEO service that's Google-approved, engineered for industrial companies, and custom tailored for you to own the first page of the search results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your Website visible to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines so that your Website can be visible to your customers and prospects. But visible isn’t enough. At epr, we prefer to dominate the Internet and capture as many of these free, organic searches as possible. And not only are they free, but these B2B prospects are nearly always in the ready to buy or ready to research mode. To bring these future customers, epr offers a proprietary approach that moves your company up, up, up in the search results for your most vital keywords and phrases by focusing on how Google actually works. epr integrates:

Website Content

The information on your Website is the most important factor in showing up in the search results. Your Website must feature content that’s relevant to the search or it simply cannot show up. epr writes award-winning Website copy that appeals to your customers and prospects and ensures your Website can show up every time your most vital keywords and phrases are searched.

Landing Pages

When a person clicks on a search result and arrives on a Website, this “arrival” page is called a landing page. Since search engines look at the entirety of the page (just like your customers and prospects do), professional copywriting with proper anchor text isn’t enough. Effective landing pages need sharp photography optimized for the Web, a video or two with appropriate descriptions embedded from YouTube and even a pdf spec sheet or other literature to download.


Google became the dominant search engine by counting and assessing the number and relevance of links pointing from one Website back to another. epr secures these “backlinks” pointing to your Website from relevant industry Websites using content marketing as publicity, product releases, feature articles, blog posts and other forms of useful content. With this strategic link building program, epr has raised organic rankings for manufacturers, distributors and other industrial companies, though it requires time and patience. epr also uses a series of white hat techniques that are within Google Webmaster Guidelines yet accelerate the process.

Research, Research, Research

epr starts with a 20-year track record of success in marketing for industry so there’s very little learning curve involved in becoming deeply knowledgeable about your business, your products and equipment and the target audience. This process starts with a review of your Website and other marketing materials, assessing current backlinks pointing to your Website,building a list of top-tier keyword and key phrase targets, and conducting a thorough review of the top competition, their Websites and their search ranking positions.

Google AdWords

epr offers expertise in both organic SEO and Google AdWords PPC online advertising. While organic SEO may take a few months to see serious results, our AdWords pay-per-click program can ensure your Website ad will appear in the top spot at the top of the search results page within a matter of hours. epr’s Paul Entin is a Google-certified expert in AdWords search advertising and Anallytics for tracking, measurement and calculating ROI.

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