Social Media

epr offers social media management services to support busy marketing teams and extend the reach of publicity and advertising messaging. On Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms, epr crafts timely posts with optimized photos, videos and gifs that blend promotional messages with useful information to attract the target audience and spark ongoing conversation while taking great care to avoid the potential for controversy.

  • Ensure fresh material is posted daily or more frequently without thinking about what to post – and posted at just the right time based on your target audience’s daily routine for maximum reach
  • Know that all interactions will be handled quickly and professionally with an eye towards protecting your brand name and advancing prospects towards a sale
  • Enjoy having an award-winning copywriter ghost write your posts for superior response and message retention

With epr, you continue to post as you like while adding an experienced social media partner to double the effort and multiply the results. Add social media advertising and promotion for even greater impact and results.

epr offers social media management services