Laundry cart brochure earns award for design, informative style

This eight-page brochure earned a Jasper Award for excelling in presenting the latest ideas and innovations for moving and handling bulk linens and laundry in hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, health clubs and other facilities. The sophisticated format combines elements of catalogs, magazines and brochures into a single piece that presents substantial product information in an energetic style that is inviting to read and easy to digest. Case study stories from actual customers, product highlights, engineering diagrams and specifications are integrated and interspersed to showcase key benefits such as safety, durability and fuel savings in a tone that respects the hard work laundry staffers perform and recognizes their desire to make informed buying decisions.

In-action and professional quality studio photography provide important visual appeal.

Most importantly, the sales team welcomed this brochure as a critical support tool that helped them close a record number of sales.