epr develops print and digital brochures, spec sheets, catalogs, flyers and other collateral and sales support materials that look sharp, deliver useful information and help close the sale.

Selling a $150,000.00 software package, $1 million machine or even a monthly office coffee service demands contact with several people in different layers and departments to ensure a smooth ride to closing. A single engineer, executive or office manager may claim to be the sole decision maker, but few people today sign off on spending without the approval of others, up and down the company hierarchy or in different departments. Even the most dedicated sales people would be unable to get in front of everyone involved in the decision. To succeed, their marketing teams need to establish name brand recognition and awareness as a dominant player and reach multiple layers and job titles, often globally. 

epr devises marketing strategies that reach all levels of formal and informal project teams and buying committees. Public relations, advertising and content marketing form the foundation. Printed collateral arms the sales team with the tangible materials needed to instill confidence in the many people who will likely never grant a meeting with the sales rep. When done well, they get passed around to every member of the buying decision team and continue selling after the sales person has left the meeting. See these examples of brochures, spec sheets and other literature that help sales people meet the entire buying committee:

Case studies