Consistent direct mail campaign helps close, close, close

epr developed these direct mail postcards for laundry and material handling product manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. as part of a consistent, ongoing program that integrates direct mail with email marketing, publicity and advertising.

Mailed to existing customers, in-house prospects, trade show attendees and others, the bold colors and contrasting visual design stand out from the mail while tight headlines get to the point and demonstrate the company understands the targeted industry and the key issues. Brief copy points address how the carts or containers would be used then move the eye toward the bottom to take action by calling, going to the Web site or visiting the trade show booth. Quoting actual customers adds credibility, and varying the sizes from mailing to mailing boost the impact.

Thess direct mail postcards represent only a few in a campaign that continues to stand out. Its impact was cited in Plastics News as a factor in the company’s success.