PR Strategy

epr high impact, no-fluff public relations programs deliver both measurable results and intangible results that defy mere metrics. While some PR firms rely on buzzwords like Perception Management, Reputation Management, and Image Enhancement to sound important and justify their rates, epr provides these services without the self-absorption. We call it public relations. No-fluff. And we thrive on a proven track record for:

  • attracting sales leads
  • sparking purchasing activity
  • building credibility
  • boosting organic search rankings
  • soothing crises
  • attracting qualified employee applicants
  • developing company presence
  • shaping public opinion
  • achieving other goals and objectives

If you want fluff, sure, we can sling it as well as anybody. But we don’t recommend it and neither would the journalists, bloggers and others who decide what to write and say about you and your company.

Case studies