Article Marketing

Learn about content marketing with articles, case study features

Feature articles, case study testimonials and how-to articles form the content marketing foundation of proven epr integrated marketing programs. These informative, educational articles position your company execs as authoritative leaders in your field, generate qualified sales leads and provide both the online content to keep your Web site and social media platforms fresh and the physical reprint material to keep your sales team armed, inspired and ready to close. 

Case studies

epr Secures Plastics Industry Front Cover

epr worked with MOD’s Bob Dunne to educate plastics molders about customer- centered marketing in this feature article that earned placement on the front cover of the global trade magazine RotoWorld. epr and Dunne also devised and developed the Recycleosaurus illustration commanding the cover.  

Case Study Documents Value of Machinery Remanufacture

This case study feature article placed in Textile Rental positioned laundry machinery remanufacturer Talley Machinery as the expert authority in repairing and rebuilding flatwork ironers. Republished on the Talley Web site, reprinted as a trade show handout and repurposed for email marketing, this story provides the information customers need to go forward with remanufacturing vs. buying new equipment. 

Front Cover Feature Helps Sell to the Fortune 500

This front cover feature article placed in Vision Systems Magazine yielded a powerful reprint for establishing credibility for then startup Fluid Imaging Technologies and helped sell its lab instrumentation to Fortune 500 companies. 

Case Study Cements Strength of Elbow

This case study feature article placed in Ceramic Industry detailed how a breakthrough elbow design from HammerTek Corp. solved costly maintenance headaches for a powder processing company. One in a series.  

Executive Commentary Positions For Leadership

This executive commentary placed in Modern Plastics/Plastics Today positioned rotational molder Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. and its president, Bob Dunne, as a prominent expert appearing to speak for the entire plastics industry. 

Laundry Case Study Earns Front Cover

This case history feature article placed on the front cover of a laundry industry trade magazine helped manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. introduce the Poly-TruxR 72S bulk laundry truck. The article made the case that laundry trucks need to look clean to assure guests and patients their linens are actually clean and cited customer Maricopa Medical Center’s experience as a prime example. Portions of this story continue to be repurposed for email marketing, advertising, publicity and more.