Pneumatic Conveying Whisks Waste, Laundry Away

This half-page advertising for pneumatic conveying systems manufacturer Precision AirConvey showcases the company’s advanced systems that automatically transport waste, recycling and/or soiled linen from each floor of a hospital, hotel or other facility, down to a central collection point – all while quietly hidden behind the walls. Launched in Health Facilities Management in support of the PDC Summit healthcare facilities trade show, the ad features a dramatic illustration of a healthcare complex cutaway to reveal how the clever vacuum system fits into the structure of the facility. Photography of an actual system shows each stage in a step by step layout while also serving to demonstrate the system is not a mere design idea but a fully operating system proven to work.

The clean visual design supports the clean, pristine image desired in a healthcare facility and coordinates with the Website, trade show booth design, brochure, and other marketing materials.

epr recommends building campaigns around key trade shows to generate booth traffic, connect with large numbers of qualified leads, boost name brand recognition in a short amount of time, and help ensure a strong return on the tradeshow investment.