epr Advertising Tops Research Study Two Years in a Row

This epr advertising campaign scored #1 overall in the Textile Services 2013 Ad Brand Study measuring impact on brand and whether the readers would purchase from the company. Then it scored in the top of the Textile Services Ad Brand Study for 2014, too, this time with a half-page ad going up against full-page advertisements.

epr developed this full page print ad for laundry product supplier Tingue, Brown & Co. as part of a cohesive program that integrated this advertising with the redesign of the company’s Web sites, the relaunch of its storied newsletter and a renewed focus on its public relations efforts. Timed to capitalize on the expansion of the company’s sales force while competitors cut back on personal service, this advertising positions Tingue, Brown & Co. sales reps as knowledgeable, reliable people who are both uniquely qualified to help laundry customers and are perfectly willing to crawl inside an ironer and do the challenging work that needs to get done. It presents the sales people as professionals with many years of service who offer invaluable guidance as well as access to premium products. It creates value for in-person assistance and for the century+ of corporate knowledge accumulated since its founding in 1902 to help defy the commodity pricing of some of its products.