Advertising Highlights Expertise, Defies Commodity Pricing

epr developed this 1/2 island ad for the custom molding division of Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. to position the company as a leading product design and manufacturing company rather than as a mere rotational molder, subject to bidding for jobs on price alone. The ad targeted design engineers and purchashing managers at OEM’s. It focused on attracting material conversion projects to capitalize on the company’s engineering expertise. Three of its award-winning conversions for big name customers were pictured for credibility and for their colorful imagery to jump off the page. The company’s four locations were included to address OEM desires to work with local manufacturers and suggest savings in freight. This advertising ran as part of a planned program that also included online advertising, feature articles, publicity, literature, tradeshow handouts and other materials with the Website as a hub for the marketing effort. 

Custom plastics molding print advertising for MOD by epr marketing