Media Planning

The renowned advertising resource SRDS lists more than 125,000 media properties where advertisers can find their target market. Add outdoor advertising and millions upon millions of Web sites, blogs and social media opportunities and it is easy to see why even the most experienced media placement companies seem bewildered and overwhelmed.

At epr, we recognize the awesome responsibility we have as asset managers and take pleasure in squeezing stellar returns out of every advertising dollar invested. Our approach to media planning and placement cuts to the chase:

  • Who is your target market?
  • How do we reach them with the greatest impact at the lowest possible cost?

If your marketing budget is unlimited then advertise anywhere and everywhere and enjoy tracking any results. If you need to carefully allocate your marketing budget, account for the results of each dollar invested and determine the ideal media mix for your advertising from among a wide variety of print, online, broadcast, mobile, outdoor and other opportunities then consider working with a professional media planning company with a proven track record – like epr. For a free conversation, email ideas at eprmarketing dot com or 908.479.4231.