AdWords / Facebook / PPC Advertising

epr develops and manages pay-per-click advertising (PPC advertising) campaigns to reach qualified buyers while they’re actively searching, drive prospects to polished landing pages and help sell, sell, sell.

epr founder, Paul Entin is a certified Google AdWords search marketing expert. Entin first launched these search engine marketing services with the launch of – the company that first established PPC advertising as a viable concept in 1998. ultimately became what today is the Yahoo PPC advertising platform, purchased to compete with Google’s AdWords advertising platform, and now, also, Microsoft’s Bing PPC platform. Many other PPC competitors have launched and vanished. As a search marketing consultancy, epr manages PPC ad campaigns on Google Ads, Bing and other leading keyword advertising platforms, plus on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

epr active campain management services include:

  • Research and development of keywords and key phrases to dominate core product/service searches
  • Development of negative keywords and key phrases to filter out poor prospects, save money
  • Creative concept development and copywriting of multiple ads to test performance, plus –
  • – ad extensions to command more screen real estate, capture more prospects
  • Daily performance review and assessment of ads, keywords, term reports with updates
  • Development, copywriting and design of coordinating landing pages on your Web site
  • Campaign monitoring, reporting, review and updating to ensure peak performance at the lowest cost possible
  • Assessment and recommendations for geographic targeting, time scheduling, bid strategy, daily budgeting, text vs. image ads, and more

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Facebook advertising

epr develops and manages Facebook pay-per-click advertising (PPC advertising) programs to very tightly target the ideal, qualified buyers based on their age, interests, company, industry, location, relationship status, and many, many other factors. epr Facebook advertising strategists offer a proven track record in attracting the right prospects to your Facebook page, e-commerce store or Web site, getting Likes and shares and other conversions, and supporting a wide range of engagement marketing initiatives.

Google Ads report on laptop by epr Marketing, Inc.