Beware Your E-Commerce Return Policy

Big companies like can absorb returned items without much consequence. But for small businesses on Shopify, Squarespace, Wix or another e-commerce platform, every sale calls for a celebration and every return a funeral. These examples and considerations offer help in developing an e-commerce return policy that works for your store.

Afraid of What Your Web Site Inventory Might Reveal?

At least every year, manufacturers, distributors and retailers typically conduct a physical inventory of their warehouses and shelves to see exactly what’s on hand. I recommend conducting a Web site inventory. Here are some common items to check – your customers are already checking but they won’t tell you, they’ll just leave the site.

Keeping Web site attractive

As published in Mercer Business, 1996, this feature article on Web design presents some valid points that are, oddly enough, still valid nearly 20 years later.

E-commerce mantra this holiday season: customer service

In this feature article by epr President Paul Entin published in Interactive PR & Marketing News, 9.17.99, the author comments on why e-commerce totals may fail to approach eStats’ projections unless online retailers pay close attention to their customers, not as entries in their databases, but as people. Still relevant 15 years later.

Internet is to retail as the VCR was to motion pictures

Remember when people weren’t sure about buying online? This feature article published in ADV – Advertising and Marketing, Philadelphia, May, 1997, by epr President Paul Entin, will bring back memories for early e-commerce adapters. For millenials, it offers a snapshot of life before anything could be ordered by