Public Relations

Paul Entin in the News! Comments for CNBC, NY Times, Internet Retailer

An effective public relations program integrating feature articles, press releases, videos and other content delivers quantifiable returns as sales leads, clicks and social media engagement. But its more powerful abilities have a hard time fitting into a metric that can be neatly measured like clicks. Among these abilities are buzz, brand recognition, positioning for leadership and more.

Word Up! Get Command Of English To Boost Your News Coverage

One of the more uncomfortable questions I’m often asked is, “What do you think of this press release?” Sometimes the most valuable selling point is buried towards the end. In other cases there’s so much fluffy nonsense it’s hard to figure out why the press release was even written. But in nearly every case, they read as if very little importance had been placed on the words selected. Here’s why words matter.

Enter Awards And Boost Your PR Coverage

If you want to be sure your product or service gets the editorial attention you know it deserves, submit it for an award. While some busy editors may delete your press release even before reading it, they’re quite careful to review entries to their awards programs.

Oh, the Impact of Bad Press (Releases)

When I’m invited to speak about public relations, publicity and press releases, the marketing professionals and engineers in the audience usually want to know how to use PR to generate leads and get the word out without heavy investments in paid advertising. They want to use PR for good. But few consider the dark side: the use of PR with good intent but bad execution.

Candid PR visionary blames bad PR people for rift with journalists

“Most PR people waste so much time and energy worrying about petty details that they forget their email, phone call or news release is supposed to include a meaningful idea,” says Mr. Entin, who has earned awards for writing, media relations, and press kit development and was recently invited to join the Journalism Advisory Committee at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania. “Nine out of ten of the news releases, queries and phone calls that I see coming from PR people to our publishing industry clients either lack substance or have no relevance to the editorial approach whatsoever. If I were a reporter, I might think twice before answering calls from PR people.”