Email Marketing

What Email Marketing Metrics Miss

In email marketing, clicks tend to dominate the reporting and analysis. It’s easy to compare the click rate from one email blast to another and use the data to make decisions about content, distribution frequency, list segmenting, and other issues. But can relying on click data instead of the most important metric lead to bad decision-making?

One Link Sabotaged Your Email Ad

I clicked the email ad to learn more and was brought to the company’s home page, which was a confounding maze of dozens of different products. All they needed to do to call their email advertising successful was include a deep link bringing people directly to the product instead of merely to the home page. Here’s what happened instead.

Email newsletters build community

In this 2002 feature article for leading fitness industry magazine Club Industry, epr President Paul Entin presents the case for health clubs to stay in touch with their members via email.