Business Life

Letter Urges Action in Government Affairs

Monumental efforts are required today to keep even more burdensome government involvement from decimating our companies. We need to be involved, especially at the local level, per this letter published in the March Textile Services.

How lunch nearly cost millions in sales

As the phone rang, two interior designers worked away at their sandwiches while my friend – the third interior designer – stopped lunching and picked up the phone. By the next day, she’d secured a six figure order from a pitcher on the Red Sox. When the phone rings, answer it.

Wanted: Workers Willing to Work

A Cintas laundry route driver said it best this morning as he loaded heavy mats onto his van, “You have to have the will to work.” Small business is still creating jobs, despite federal interference. What’s missing seems to be skilled people willing to get to work.

In Praise Of Good Ad Sales People

There’s no torture quite like a phone call or meeting with an awful ad sales person to make an advertising professional appreciate the good ones. I try to give a pass to the rookies who are working hard but haven’t been given the training or marketing education they need to sound credible and make an effective case for advertising or for their own publications. But it’s still torturous being on the other end of their learning curve. The good ones understand advertisers are actual people, and paying Clients I might add. Enjoy this actual conversation: