All B2B Leads Are Not Created Equal

Anyone experienced in industrial sales knows a click isn’t necessarily a lead and a lead isn’t a sale. Look at these two emails or Website form submissions and think about which one you would rather get if you had to close the sale or else.

How Name Brand Awareness Drives Google Ads Lead Generation

PPC pay-per-click digital advertising with Google Ads, Bing Ads, and other platforms captures leads and counts the number of clicks. This provides great comfort to marketing managers under pressure to defend investments in advertising and document results. Print, outdoor, and other advertising platforms confound those of us looking for hard data documenting results, even when the results may be quite obvious to the happy sales team. And when the PPC ad program is structured well, it can be very effective. That’s why it’s so tempting for B2B marketing managers to throw money at Google Ads and call it a day. But what makes someone click on your ad?

Are these outdated advertising techniques killing your response?

Material Handling & Logistics magazine recently posted this gallery of full-page ads from the 1960s and three key differences from today’s advertising immediately jumped out. See what they are and how you can use the design elements of the 60s to develop effective creative today.

How to adjust B2B advertising for viewing on phones

Digital magazines are getting more views than ever so the value of the B2B advertising space has increased accordingly but it hardly matters if the ad’s look and message fail to translate to the phone. To get advertising noticed on a small screen, consider these practical ideas you and your ad agency can implement today.

Best Advertising in Powder Bulk Solids August 2018

For our latest advertising spotlight, these ads earn applause for standing out in the August 2018 issue of Powder/Bulk Solids. Since it reaches 37,040 print subscribers plus thousands more digital edition subscribers and costs several thousand dollars per page, advertisers would be wise to pay attention to what drives response, consider the needs of the target audience, minimize techno-speak and avoid being too cute and clever.

Best and Worst Advertising in Packaging World July 2018

Advertising in Packaging World reaches nearly 60,000 print subscribers plus thousands more digital edition subscribers and costs several thousand dollars per page so advertisers would be wise to take full advantage of the exposure and work hard to ensure a healthy return on the investment. Some companies failed. Here are the best ads in the July 2018 issue.

Outstanding Classified Advertising Must Stand Out

Classified advertising and directory advertising offer an alternative that reaches the same target audience as more costly display advertising. While large, display ads can command attention simply by dominating the page, small classified advertising needs to work much, much harder to get noticed. Often sized at a mere 1/16 of a page or at one column by a couple of inches, these ads face a number of factors working against their success – and ad size is just one factor. Here are other factors working against classified advertising and three examples of exceptional advertising design.

Writer admits images more powerful than words

As a writer, it’s hard to write this but while images and words working together deliver far more impact in advertising than either working alone, if I’m forced to choose either images or words to convey a message, I’ll choose the image almost every time.