All B2B Leads Are Not Created Equal

Anyone experienced in industrial sales knows a click isn’t necessarily a lead and a lead isn’t a sale. Which of these two emails or Website form submissions would you rather get?


1. I just read about how my competitor is using your machine – please lmk the cost for the same machine and how fast I can have it up and running – wait, make it three machines.
2. I’m thinking about buying a machine and already have quotes from competitor A and competitor B – are you willing to meet the lowest price?

Both would be tracked as leads in the marketing report. Both of these likely show up in Google Analytics as conversions – the first as direct traffic, the second more likely as a Google Ads PPC search ad. But we’re much more interested in the first one who’s already sold and ready to buy.

That’s how effective B2B marketing works. Define and tightly target the right audience. Create such a desire for your machine that price and competition barely enter the conversation. Pre-establish credibility and trust as a solid, reputable company. When the calls/emails/quote requests come in, the prospects are already sold on your machine and ready to buy.

With these prospects, you start farther along in the sales process. You’re instantly upselling options, scheduling deliveries, and taking purchase orders and deposits rather than spending hours and hours selling and pushing and following up only to be ghosted by clicks that were probably never going to become sales.

All leads are not created equal, but they all demand time and attention, and they all affect your closing ratio. Use your epr marketing program to do the bulk of the sales effort up front, filter out poor quality leads, and watch your sales team close more, close faster, and close easier – and with higher margin upgrades and options.

Paul Entin, president of epr Marketing, Inc. and award-winning advertising professional
Paul suggests it's easier to close sales when the leads coming in are pre-sold on the value of the product and are ready to buy than when the leads aren't as far along in the sales process. Your epr marketing program does the pre-selling so sales close faster with less effort.
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