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Sure, an effective public relations program integrating feature articles, press releases, videos and other content delivers quantifiable returns as sales leads, clicks and social media engagement. But its more powerful abilities have a hard time fitting into a metric that can be neatly measured like clicks. For example:

  • Captures share of mind – do people think of you when they need your product or service – or a competitor? 

  • Builds name brand recognition – are people familiar with your company name so they answer the phone?

  • Buzz – do people think your company is on the move, seemingly everywhere?

  • Supports retention – do your sales people see and feel the marketing support?

  • Invites recruiting – do people feel inspired to come work for you?

  • Positions for leadership – do customers, prospects and colleagues see your executives as expert authorities in their fields?

These and other abilities matter because they influence whether a prospect clicks, meets with a sales rep, accepts or turns away a meeting with a competitor, and ultimately whether he/she buys. In the same way, your public relations program impacts whether existing customers become repeat customers and helps reinforce their smart decisions to buy from your company. I harp on this only because it works. From the practice what you preach file, enjoy some recent highlights where epr President Paul Entin contributed expert commentary:

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