How to take advantage of your trade show marketing profile page

A recent review of exhibitor trade show profile pages and corresponding Google Analytics accounts for several manufacturers reveals that the companies uploading news, articles, spec sheets and other content to their trade show profile pages attract more Website traffic and sales leads from show attendees than those that do not stock their profile pages with quality content.

What a shocking surprise!

Yet from a review of the online exhibitor lists of most industry trade shows, it becomes clear that many companies do not take full advantage of their exhibitor profile pages. These companies – after investing $5,000.00 – $25,000.00 or more in exhibit space, staffing, travel, freight and other expenses – are missing out on an easy way to help ensure a positive ROI on the trade show investment. Some don’t even make the effort to add a logo!

If you plan to exhibit at an industrial trade show, take a look at these opportunities to stand out from the competition, get noticed on the Web and even boost organic search results using your online profile page or showroom:

  1. Upload relevant, current press releases, articles and literature. These become searchable content within the trade show Website so pay attention to keywords and phrases.
  2. Point the link to a Website landing page targeted specifically to the show, industry or audience. In addition to attracting attendees to click through to your Website, the link also supports high organic search rankings. If your show organizer doesn’t include this at no charge then pay for the link(s).
  3. Be sure the logo looks fantastic. Use the right file type sized to the required specifications. For some prospects, this logo may be the first visual impression of your company. Don’t pixelate.
  4. Show off the new product launch with a professional quality video. There’s usually an add-on fee but if it’s a great video then it’s worth showcasing it in the profile page to drive booth traffic.
  5. Create a Show Special. These entice prospects to take a look and many show organizers promote this section heavily.

A lot of this costs nothing but planning, preparation and effort. And it continues working for months after the trade show has ended. 

Most trade show organizers invest huge amounts of money trying to bring your target audience to the show Website and to the show. There’s no way to quantify how many of these prospects viewing your profile page go to your booth (or don’t bother). But fully stocking the profile with professional quality content puts your company in a strong position to capture as many qualified leads as possible. It also helps filter out poor prospects before they stop at your booth and waste valuable time.   

For guidance on how to take full advantage of your trade show investment, email paul at eprmarketing dot com or 908-479-4231.

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