Best Advertising in Powder Bulk Solids August 2018

For our latest advertising spotlight, these ads earn applause for standing out in the August 2018 issue of Powder/Bulk Solids. Since it reaches 37,040 print subscribers plus thousands more digital edition subscribers and costs several thousand dollars per page, advertisers would be wise to pay attention to what drives response, consider the needs of the target audience, minimize techno-speak and avoid being too cute and clever.

Three ads stand out as noteworthy in this issue, in no particular order. First, turn to the classified section in the back and see the one-column, full-color ad from Mole-Master for silo inspection services (at right). Battling against a busy page full of bold colors and headlines, this ad’s headline gets right to the point, copy is restricted to key, bulleted points and the visual features a silo inspection in action, all bordered by a process red that draws the eye away from the rest of the page. Bonus points for a landing page that actually coordinates with the ad and functions. 

Then turn back to the front and see the Vac-U-Max full-page ad opposite the inside front cover (below). The tight headline instantly speaks to the target audience and touts its guarantee in an industry where expensive equipment doesn’t always work as expected. Visually, the ad showcases one of its best-selling systems and supports it with a variety of other process equipment while its sharp logo takes center stage to reinforce name brand recognition.

Now back to the back cover (below). The venerable manufacturer Flexicon has owned this premium page for years but this relatively new ad creative offers a fresh bit of fun for engineers. Visually, the ad uses the same color scheme and style as previous ads but it shuns the product wraparound and traditional headline-copy formats for a catalog-style layout that highlights individual machines, each with a one-word subhead and sharp in-action photo.

This series is not intended to favor companies investing large budgets in full, tab-sized ads. However, in this particular issue, many of the fractional ads would be better suited for a post highlighting companies that are wasting their money. Some use too many typefaces, some use images that fail to support the headline and copywriting, others look sharp but use a feckless headline or lack a compelling message.

See for yourself in the August 2018 Powder/Bulk Solids digital edition here. For guidance on improving your advertising, call 908.479.4231 or email

Flexicon print advertising
Full-page print advertising for Vac-u-Max
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