10 Ways to Write Stronger Personnel News and Get Free Publicity

New Hires a Stealth Weapon for Promoting Products

Nearly everyone reads, or at least skims, the personnel moves sections in magazines and email newsletters to see what competitors are up to, what long lost colleagues are doing and to find new  prospects. While nearly everyone looks at these news items about new hires, promotions and other staffing news, many marketers overlook that placing company news in these sections not only scores points with the featured staffer but it also creates an opportunity to promote the company and its products and services. It’s free publicity that typically gets republished online, becomes indexed as searchable content, and often includes a link back to the company Website. It’s yet another tool for boosting organic search rankings with your epr SEO search marketing program.
The editors, however, receive thousands of personnel press releases and many of them do not get published – because they’re awful. Here are 10 key considerations for developing personnel news that gets published:
1. Save the quote until after revealing the news
2. Be sure the quote reads as if the person is speaking
3. Avoid meaningless fluff that takes up space but doesn’t convey solid information
4. Avoid words such as exciting, thrilled, and leading-edge 
5. Facts do not need to be quoted, quotes are for opinions and color
6. Provide context on the company’s growth and its market 
7. Use the same, quality copywriting as in a high-profile ad campaign 
8. Pay attention to grammar and punctuation – the editors do – and so do your prospects
9. Include a professional quality photo that meets editorial specifications 
10. Be sure it’s interesting to read
Don’t miss an opportunity to use personnel news to get free publicity for your company. And don’t send an awful press release to the media or publish one on your Website. For more guidance, call 908.479.4231 or email ideas@eprmarketing.com.  
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