Twitter Multiplies Impact of Publicity

Placing articles, press releases and other publicity materials in key magazines promotes your company, product, and/or service to thousands upon thousands of prospects and customers – of course, you already know this. But most publishers also run these articles, press releases and other publicity materials on their Websites, which delivers much more exposure to thousands upon thousands more prospects and customers – of course, you know this, too. But do you realize just how much more exposure your publicity can generate with Twitter? And you don’t even need to have a Twitter account. Consider this article placed in Healthcare Packaging:

Within 24 hours of submission to the editor, the article hit the Website. Since the editor needs to continually drive traffic to his Website, he promotes the article all over social media. On Twitter, this means sending a tweet to 2,368 packaging professionals via the editor’s own account then retweeting it to 2,888 more via the magazine’s account. Plus, there’s the 181,000 monthly visitors to the Website to see the article featured on the home page – all months before the print edition has even published.

Like more numbers? Consider this press release placed in Packaging Strategies: in addition to the exposure on the Website and in the print edition, when the editor tweeted about the press release placement, it went to 15,300 followers with a link to read the article on the Website. And for industrial markets, Twitter followers often mean qualified prospects.

This article placed in Modern Materials Handling reached its 80,000+ print circulation plus its online readership. Then the editor promoted the article to 11,000+ more followers on Twitter, drawing them to the Website to read the article, which also links to the company’s Website.

Each news placement helps provide editors with the content they need to feed their accounts on Twitter and other social media platforms. If your company uses Twitter, then each PR placement also creates an opportunity to retweet the editors’ tweets for additional mileage. If your company hasn’t started using Twitter, that’s fine, too. All you need to do is provide the media with a constant flow of newsworthy publicity materials and let the editors tweet all about it.

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