Writer admits images more powerful than words

I admit it. Images are more powerful than words. As a writer, it’s hard to write this but while images and words working together deliver far more impact than either working alone, if I’m forced to choose either images or words to convey a message, I’ll choose the images almost every time.


Images get seared onto the brain forever. But try to memorize a quote or wise saying and see how even brilliant words can challenge the brain. This ad campaign, for example, earned Ad-Q study honors twice. It works because the image clearly conveys the intended message that Tingue representatives are willing to get to work on the tough jobs, that they pay close attention to the details and that they are experienced professionals who know what they’re doing. The headline and copywriting support the image.

But top quality, compelling images that convey the right message with few or no words won’t be found on a royalty-free, stock photo site. That’s why I often urge, badger, remind and recommend to people (and plead, if needed) to invest in professional photography, illustrations, animations, videos, infographics and other visuals. These professional quality visuals are not mere enhancements to the message, they embody the message. They stop readers in their tracks and invite them to read the ad, article, brochure, email or other marketing materials. On the Web and on social media, effective images capture the attention required to get peopled interested in learning about a product, service or company.

After investing untold thousands of dollars and hours in developing a product, why skimp when it’s time to show it off to your customers and prospects? Make a powerful first impression. Invest in professional quality images then support these images with just the right words and enjoy the response.

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