Marketing by accident – know a gift horse when you see it

One night on Rt. 66 in Amarillo, Texas, a horse wandered around the parking lot of a roadside restaurant. When the cowboy eating inside finally caught up with his loose horse, a number of people driving by pointed at the real-life cowboy riding a real-life horse and turned into the parking lot for a closer look. Once pictures were taken, they stopped in for dinner. Bob (R.J.) Lee, who owned the Big Texan steak house, quickly hired the cowboy to ride his horse back and forth in the parking lot every night.

Business soared. 

We marketing types spend a huge amount of time and energy coming up with breakthrough messaging and imagery that get people to react, respond and ultimately to buy. But sometimes the most effective marketing, advertising and publicity happens by accident, and when it does, you just need to recognize that it’s happening and jump on the opportunity. Know when you’re staring a gift horse in the mouth – and enjoy the ride. 
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