Letter Urges Action in Government Affairs

Many people pay dues to their trade associations then go back to focusing on their companies, comfortable that their monetary contributions are all that’s needed to shield themselves from further government intrusion. It isn’t. We need to be involved, especially at the local level, per this letter published in the March Textile Services:

Reader Warns – Stay Active In Government Affairs!    

Dear Editor,

Just in case any readers went right for the practical operations knowledge and skipped through the Newsline, Chairman’s Message and Centennial Remembrance on Advocacy in the January issue, I’d encourage everyone to take a closer look at these three articles.

Monumental efforts are required today to keep even more burdensome government involvement from decimating our companies, and as Woody Ostrow stated, “There is NO ONE else who will speak on our behalf.” Yet as challenging as this environment seems, “Advocacy – There from the Beginning” points out that we’ve been faced with this situation for 100 years. Only our active, ongoing, non-stop involvement in the regulatory and legislative processes can help keep these wolves at bay.

I would encourage everyone to help TRSA keep up the fight by getting personally involved at the local level where the actions of even one person can have a substantial impact. It is far more effective to know our elected officials today rather than be forced to scramble after a bill has been introduced.

Paul Entin, epr Marketing

Bloomsbury, NJ

The issue may be downloaded here.
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