Enter Awards And Boost Your PR Coverage

The editors who decide whether to publish your news are sometimes too busy wading through the badly written, irrelevant or otherwise uninteresting news to give your well-written,  well-presented, timely news the attention it needs to get published – especially if your company doesn’t have a widely recognized name brand. And now this wave of sub-par news material is also flooding their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. If you want to be sure your product or service gets the editorial attention you know it deserves, submit it for an award.

While some busy editors may delete your press release even before reading it, they’re quite careful to review entries to their awards programs. In many cases, these editors have personally conceptualized and developed their awards programs, they have sold the idea to their publishers and have an interest in the program’s success. They’re actively seeking products worthy of an award and will devote time to reading about your product when presented in this format.

Some awards programs charge a fee to enter, others are free. If your product wins then you’ll enjoy a wave of publicity that generates qualified leads and boosts credibility while providing an award logo for use on your Web site, in your brochures, advertising and in other materials – forever. The nomination alone provides material for your social media program. And the photo of you taken with the award at the black tie gala will be the talk of Facebook. But settle down. It’s more than likely that your product won’t actually win the award, which is fine, because the goal is simply to capture the editor’s attention, which you will. And if the award entry is well written and well presented then your next press release will likely get the attention it rightfully deserves. Then you’ll not only get the publicity you need but you’ll enjoy having an editor actively seeking your material month after month.

Here are several awards that might be worth entering for your company:

Plastics News Processor of the Year

Processing’s Breakthrough Products of the Year

R&D 100 Awards

Chemical Processing Vaaler Awards

Medical Design Excellence Awards

Bizbash Event Style Awards

ISRI Design for Recycling Awards

IADD Awards

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