Your PR Program As Content Generator

Think of your PR program beyond publicity – beyond the media. Think of it as a content marketing program. It’s a planned, coordinated attack that consistently develops the information your prospects need to feel comfortable buying your products and/or services. Done properly, it’s presented in a style, structure and format that entice journalists to publish the information in their magazines, email newsletters, on their Web sites, blogs, and in other media. As effective PR, this content marketing approach generates qualified sales leads, boosts credibility and expands name brand awareness, but there’s so much more your informative news can be doing today:

Content for your Web site – relax knowing your Web site will always feature fresh, new information. This instills confidence in prospects and customers and ensures coverage in search engines with both the content needed to appear in relevant searches and the frequent site updates needed to support high rankings. Google considers the freshness of content as an important factor determining search results.

Content for your email newsletters – it’s easy to stay in touch with customers and prospects and stick to your email newsletter schedule when you already have current news in the can that may be rewritten to suit an email publication. Plus, the email brings prospects back to the original article on the Web site.

Content for your social media program – now that your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages are setup, it’s easy to keep them fresh by leveraging your news to suit the format of each platform. Your PR program provides a steady flow of postable material that can be rewritten to encourage comments and discussions and attract fan support.

Content for your blog – use your blog to reveal the backstory behind the news or add a personal angle to the story. Surely, developing a new product over several years required overcoming a host of challenges and surprises and sparked several inside jokes among the project team. This is the material that draws comments and interaction.

Once you get access to a constant flow of newsworthy concepts that warrant media attention, you’ll soon see there’s no reason to restrict their release to the media – there is every reason to leverage and reuse these concepts everywhere. The key is to uncover the worthy concepts hiding inside your product, service or company.

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