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I’m often asked about how to get higher rankings in Google. Some people insist on spending large sums of money with search positioning companies that guarantee top placement fast only to get mixed results. I pay attention to SEO trends but I do not claim to be an SEO specialist. I have developed and fine-tuned a program over the years, however, that has been proven to increase Google rankings. It works because it’s not based on tricking, cheating or staying one step ahead of Google. Instead it’s based on taking full advantage of how Google was designed to work.
epr gets links to your Web site to boost your organic Google rankings
Google’s rankings – even with the rise of social media – are based primarily on:

1. The number of links from other Web sites to your Web site
2. The quality and relevance of those links to the search query

Therefore, if you want to increase your rankings in Google (or prevent further decline…), you need to increase the number of links from other Web sites to your site, especially among reputable Web sites that relate to your industry and you need to do this without defrauding Google.

One sure way to get links from relevant Web sites while ensuring you won’t be penalized is by placing relevant news releases and articles in print publications. That’s right… in print publications. Nearly all trade magazines archive the feature articles, customer case studies and news releases published in their print editions on their Web sites. And in nearly every case, they also include a link to your Web site. By placing a single, worthwhile news release in five or six magazines, we might secure five or six links. Do this once per month for a year and we might secure 72 or more links! Add two links for each press release per month per the online product news site shown above and the impact on your rankings and visibility is even greater.

Not only does this proven program boost your Google rankings but these links also drive customers and prospects directly to your Web site.


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