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epr Founder Paul Entin frequently contributes marketing wisdom and insightful commentary to a wide range of media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and CNBC, as well as to custom published media from Wells Fargo, Chase and American Express, among others. Here are some highlights featuring epr In the News:

Paul Entin of epr Marketing, Inc.

American Express

In this article by the prolific writer Geoff Williams, Entin reveals how to use direct mail with email in an age when most people receive very little snail mail.

"Getting noticed for a second or two is all a direct mailer can ask," Entin continues. "Then it's up to the copy and visual appeal to spark a response."

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In this feature on the Affordable Care Act by business writer Elaine Pofeldt, Entin expounded in great detail on the illegality and unconstitutionality of the individual mandate – though much of the interview was too inflammatory for the editor.

"The individual mandate needs to be overturned," says Entin. "The federal government does not have the right to force us to buy healthcare or any other type of insurance."

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New York Times

Do you need a business plan? In this feature, famed business reporter Eilene Zimmerman asks whether a business plan is still necessary given the speed of change in today’s business climate. 

Getting the plan on paper worked for Paul Entin, who wrote a plan to assess the viability of epr, a business he founded in 2001 to provide specialized marketing services to industrial companies. He wanted to limit the number of clients the company would engage, because he wanted to provide a high level of service.

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Sierra Sun

This column in the daily newspaper serving the Lake Tahoe region details how Squaw Valley parent KSL is branding two very different ski areas into a single vacation destination. Entin takes the financial giant to task for its misguided marketing approach.

KSL would have been smart to promote Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley as two separate ski areas offering different experiences that appeal to different markets. Why not let the Alpine Meadows faithful spend happily at Alpine while the vacationers spend happily at Squaw Valley, as their money happily commingles on the bottom line?

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Wells Fargo Small Business

In this article covering the changing role of trade shows in the marketing mix, Entin explains why B2B marketers need to reconsider whether to exhibit and how to attract the right prospects to the booth.

“You can’t replace the face-to-face nature of a trade show,” said Paul Entin, president and founder of EPR Marketing. “But it has to be part of an overall marketing strategy, you can’t just rely on the trade show by itself.”

NewsCred.com Insights

In this article, Entin describes how to use publicity to drive the online content marketing program.

Paul Entin, the owner of epr Marketing, Inc., says that for many businesses, “the PR people need to think in terms of content marketing and consider how their materials will play on the web. The content marketing people need to think in terms of creating content that can be leveraged to play not only as a blog post but as material for targeted media placement. And all of the content generated can be leveraged for email and social media as well as for direct mail and other traditional materials.”

AQUA Magazine

In this article about the impact of e-commerce on the pool and spa industry, Entin offers guidance on Internet marketing and how dealers and manufacturers can work together to fend off cheaper competition.

Competing against Internet retailers is not very different from competing against the competition across town, says Entin. "Dealers need to stay in front of their customers consistently so that when a need arises, the customer remembers where to buy," he says. "Securing this share of mind is effectively done when using a combination of vehicles such as print catalogs, online keyword advertising, local media advertising, publicity, in-store displays and other materials."

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Learn how to raise your credit score from the credit rating superstars, including epr’s own Paul Entin, in this article from business reporter Erica Sandberg.

At last check, marketing company president Paul Entin, from Bloomsbury N.J., holds a 990 VantageScore. For him, it's a matter of honor and integrity. "A high credit score indicates your name and your signature on a contract have meaning. It's an indicator of certainty ... of character. It would be difficult to trust someone with a poor credit rating to the same extent you can trust someone with a higher credit rating."

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In this article about advertising within video games, Entin states simply as the target audience migrates away from TV to video games, advertisers need to find ways to follow.

"Advertisers need to reach their target audience and their audience is not watching TV, so they are not seeing as many commercials," said Entin. "What people are doing is playing video games. So, if you want to reach them, you have to get your message inside the game."

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Mental Floss

“10 Brilliantly Creative Ways People Have Gotten Jobs” by Danielle Braff details how happily employed professionals secured the jobs they wanted. Initiative helps, as epr’s Paul Entin reveals:

“I identified a few companies that seemed like a good fit; I dropped in and asked to see the owner; I showed them samples of my work and was offered three different jobs on the spot."

Ironically, he didn’t accept any of the positions…

CMS Wire

In this article helping B2B marketers improve their Websites, Entin points out that Websites often get in the way of clear communication:

"One of the most common problems with B2B websites, and that B2C websites do much better, is communication. Many B2C companies make it easy to quickly get in touch with a live person, whether by live chat or other methods. They understand that a quick conversation often makes the difference between closing a purchase and losing a prospect to the back button."

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce

In this article, “Improve Your Email Marketing with These 3 Expert Tips,” Entin recommends including video in email marketing campaigns:

“Say it with video! Today’s consumers have demonstrated a willingness and often a preference for learning about products and services via online video before making a purchase. Your video doesn’t need to look like it was filmed in a Hollywood studio but it’s best to carefully pre-plan and script your video."

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