Though we enjoy recognition from other marketing types, it pales in comparison to seeing leads and orders come in through our clients’ websites, to seeing their trade show booths bustling with traffic and their sales people busy making their numbers. Nevertheless, these awards are some of our personal favorites.

Paul Entin earns public relations strategy award

What to do when your hard-earned reputation is being bashed on the Web? The agency accepted a Jasper Award for excellence in feature writing for a guest column placed in BUILDER Magazine. The column provides guidance on how to handle customer complaints and prevent them from spiraling out of control on social media.

Tablet showing Builder Magazine online

epr earns award for website

For excellence in website copywriting, epr earned a Gold Jasper Award for the Web site redesign of process equipment manufacturer The Witte Co.

Witte Website redesigned by epr marketing earns award

epr earns award for brochure

For excellence in brochure copywriting, epr earned a Jasper Award in recognition of the quality, creativity and overall impact of the messaging used in this commercial laundry products brochure for laundry cart manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co.

Brochure cover for MOD laundry carts by epr Marketing

epr earns award for technical literature

For the creative approach, graphic design, copywriting and overall impact of the messaging used in the development of a product data sheet for manufacturer Precision AirConvey, epr earned a Silver Jasper Award as Best Technical Literature/Specification Sheet. epr designed the visual style for the company’s family of literature and conceptualized the cover photo showcasing the dust collector from a perspective that created dramatic visual appeal. Though content and copywriting rank as critical, the visual power determines first whether anyone will read the content.
Dust collection brochure print literature by epr

Paul Entin earns media relations award for USA Today story

For innovation in concept development and media relations resulting in coverage in the USA Today and other media for Franklin Mills, the agency earned a Gold Jasper Award.

Foreseeing the then-to-be-released, new $20 bill would command national media attention, the agency crafted a news release showcasing the bill’s anti-counterfeit features and the tactics used by the mall’s security team to educate store personnel in advance of the bill’s release.

Presenting valuable information driven by an innovative approach to media relations, the agency secured coverage in the USA Today, USA Today Europe, Bucks County Courier and Northeast Times and TV coverage on ABC-TV Philadelphia. Based on the Mills Corp. measurement system the agency secured $75,290.00 in PR coverage from this single idea.

IABC Epic award for news release writing

To help establish credibility and name brand awareness for a Pennsylvania homebuilder starting a Tampa, Fla. division, the agency developed a news release and scored front page feature articles in the Tampa Bay Business Journal and Tampa Tribune, and features in the St. Petersburg Times and Pocono Record. The published press release helped lure key personnel away from nationally acclaimed builders and also to secure a partnership agreement with a top Tampa bank for financing and relocation services.

epr earns awards for marketing excellence